Monday, January 30, 2012

Next Best Thing to Heaven 5" x 9"

This was a commision that I recently finished. It is only 5" x 9" but took as long as a large painting. I wanted that sky to sing.

Larger Paintings

No I did not fall off the face of the planet. I know it has been a while since I posted. I have been busy with "larger" paintings- 16" x 20". I thought I would share some of these with you. They are more time consuming of course to paint than the smaller ones. The 6"x6" paintings have been such a tremendous help in fine tuning my value skills and color mixing. I will be getting back to them very soon.

"Morning Thoughts"
I enjoyed doing this painting I think because I like the architecture of old buildings. I hope to get into New Orleans soon and take some more reference photos.

 "State Your Business"
Thanks to my elder son and his photography, I was able to get a good reference photo for this painting. Those roosters would have been hard to paint on location!

" Madisonville Boat on the Tchefuncte"
My youngest son already stated claims to this painting. He is my biggest art collecter of my work in the family. I am so fortunate that all my children have an appreciation for art. I guess I dragged them to enough galleries and shows when they were younger.

 "My Girls and Honky Donkey"
I keep changing the faces. Help! I am afraid to show this to my daughter yet. She is so much more prettier than the painting and my grand daughter also! Might need to hide it in a closet.
P.S. Honkey Donkey still resides with us, a favorite stuffed animal of my kids. Well two of them anyway.

These are some changes that I decided to make. The foreground water is more constrasty and has more interest, the fishing pole was added and I put some birds in the trees and in the sky to add more life to the landscape. Yikes the faces are giving me challenges. But for now they will have to do. Time to move on.
"Hillcrest Memories"
This one is still in progress. Several additions needed like a fishing pole in Paw Paw's hand, some facial changes and also I want to work more on the forground reflections and water image. Even though there are three people in the painting, I still feel the painting is serene.