Monday, February 7, 2011

The Beer Bottle

Today I entered the 10-minute Painting Challenge by Carol Marine. Eight paintings, each one done in only 10 minutes. A timer was set for each one. Ten minutes goes by fast when you are laying in the drawing, mixing colors and applying. But Carol was right. I did learn a lot and each beer bottle seemed to be looking better and better as I got to the eighth one. After the first two paintings,  I realized that I needed to stay away from the cads, at least at first when laying in the initial colors of the bottle. Keeping the colors clear added to the effect of transparency. Later, for light reflections, I added a small amount of white or a cad color to a transparent color like alizarin crimson. What a challenge but lots of fun. By the time I got to the eighth bottle, I was ready for something to drink!

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